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Spring Festival or Chinese New Year (春节, chūn jié) 17.02.2008
Snow in Shanghai 17.02.2008
Bovis Lend Lease Annual Dinner 17.02.2008
New Year (新年, xīn nián) 17.02.2008
Christmas (圣诞节, Shèng dàn jié) 17.02.2008
Yu Yuan garden and the Mid-Lake Pavilion Teahouse (新天地和湖心亭) 17.02.2008
The Old Town and the Temple of the Town Gods (豫园和城隍庙) 02.02.2008
Jade Buddha Temple (玉佛寺, Yùfó sì) 15.01.2008
Zhou Zhuang (周庄) 14.01.2008
"Our" Apartment 14.01.2008
Apartment search 13.01.2008
Shanghai (上海) 12.01.2008
Welcome to our new blog 08.01.2008