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Spring Festival or Chinese New Year (春节, chūn jié)

The most important Chinese holiday

semi-overcast 3 °C

Our very best Chinese friend, Ellie, invited us to celebrate the Chinese New Year with her and her mom.


We were getting ready to go to Japan and packed our bags before going over to Ellies. The flight would leave pretty early in the morning the day after so we wouldn´t get to sleep that much. We prepared a little basket with goodies for Ellie and her mom. We put in some fruit, chocolates, glögg (Swedish mulled wine), ritter sport (german chocolate), and pastries from our favorite bakery "Paul".

We had a great time, Ellies Mother proved to be an accomplished cook and the dishes kept coming, we got stuffed on many local delicacies and a truckload of dumplings (my favorites)! We watched the traditional Chinese TV shows with performances from Chinese stars and cuddled with Ellie's fat rabbit "Fluffy".


Fireworks were going off the whole day and night and when we got home and tried to go to sleep they started shooting rockets just outside our window. It was a complete war-zone. Pretty scary.


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Snow in Shanghai

quite a rare occurrence

snow 0 °C

We are working to update this blog and trying to get some more posts out of the way so we can get to the "present day" sometime. There are still some things we want to tell you about that happened during the winter and this is another thing.

I think most of you know that Shanghai definitely is not known for it's snowy winter days. This year was a real exception and we saw over a week with snow, something that hasn't happened in between 17 and 40 years (depending on who you ask). We really enjoyed it. It was nice to feel some winter again after the years in Spain and Mexico and people in general were really excited. Many people had never even seen snow before. It was nice to walk around in the city and see so many people playing, building snowmen, throwing snowballs and just goofing around.


Take care,

Fredrik and Sabrina


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Bovis Lend Lease Annual Dinner

overcast 5 °C

Bovis Lend Lease, Sabrina's company, invited all employees to bring their families and come for the Annual Dinner, which this year would be a cruise on the boat "China Mobile". The group was over 300 people and there was a big buffet where, when it was time to eat, everybody wrestled and fought for the food like there was no tomorrow. Our friend Keith was half an hour late and the boat had to wait for him so as a punishment he had to sing a whole song (actually it was quite a performance) to the whole group, accompanied by the band. Way to go Keith!!


After the about 3 hour long cruise we went together with some of the Australian managers and a couple of other people from the company to one of the bars/clubs at the Bund. We went to a place called Attica. We danced, had champagne and drinks and had a great time together.


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New Year (新年, xīn nián)

We were invited by Grace, a colleague of Sabrina's, to join her and a couple of her friends to celebrate New Year at Paulaner. Paulaner is a chain of German restaurants and this particular one is quite nice. They had a very exclusive menu for the night, with a main course of stake and lobster as well as a desert buffet. We had a great time and together we counted in the new year, danced and enjoyed ourselves a lot.


Hope all of you had a great time. You were all in our thoughts!


Fredrik and Sabrina

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Christmas (圣诞节, Shèng dàn jié)

a nice evening with friends

9 °C

Christmas is not even a day off in China. Nobody even cares except for the commercial part with jingles in the supermarket, decorations everywhere and shop attendants in funny hats.

We were thinking that we would probably have to celebrate Christmas alone this year but then our friends Bob and Anne-Laure invited us to celebrate at their place. Great! By the way, I met Anne-Laure in Nottingham when I was studying there, in fact, she was the first person I met there and we spent a lot of time together over the year. She is French and now, one month before we arrived in Shanghai, she and her husband Bob (Belgian) relocated here. Bob has a brother, Paul, who has lived in Shanghai for around 3 years and the five of us have been going out together.


We brought some glögg, janssons frestelse and Swedish meatballs (made from my mothers recipe) and went over there when Sabrina got off work. Anne-Laure had prepared some aperitifs and goose liver as a starter. Paul had brought a turkey and cranberry jam, leftover from a get together from his company from the night before, and together with a salad and then desert that was more than enough. I don't have to say that we got really stuffed, do I? In true Christmas spirit. We had a nice evening and exchanged gifts before we headed home.



Fredrik and Sabrina


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